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Doberman Mini Mobile Alert:
On-the-Go Security


NEWS AND NOTES issued the test of Doberman Mini Mobile Alarm -- October 15, 2006 -- Doberman Security Products of Los Angeles makes several types of alarms for homes and cars. The company also makes a personal alarm for on-the-go safety, called the Mini Mobile Alert. Happily, I don't have firsthand knowledge of its effect on a mugger, but a recent in-home test of the ear-splitting 95 decibel alarm sent my cats diving for cover under the nearest furniture they could find. (I did not repeat the experiment.) The device is a smooth, egg-shaped gizmo that can dangle from a bag or belt loop. Tugging on a handy ripcord activates it. The personal alarms are available locally at Staples office supply stores. You can't buy them directly from the company, but you can read more details about the Mini Mobile Alert and other alarms at


About Doberman Security Products Inc.


Established in 2001 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA Doberman has focused solely on providing products to the security market. The team of security professionals, engineers, and researchers from Doberman spent three years to develop, test, and approve personal and home security devices that would be worthy of the Doberman name.


Each product was not only chosen for its dependability, usability, and durability, but also for its effectiveness in addressing the specific security needs of home and daily life. For more information please visit: or email or call 714.730.9988.




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