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Doberman Security Products Introduces Four Innovative Security Devices


New Additions to the Active and Home Security Lines Expand Total Security Solution; Available for Viewing at 2006 International CES


NOTE: See the entire Doberman Security Products lineup in South Hall 4 booth 36821 at the 2006 International CES.


Tustin, CA – December 21, 2005 -- Doberman Security Products, Inc., provider of a wide range of security products to protect consumers, personal items and the home, is introducing four new easy-to-use security products at 2006 International CES. The new products being introduced are the Credit Card Reminder, the Water Detector Alert, and the Traveler Defense Alarm. These will be available for viewing at the Doberman Security Products 2006 International CES booth, South Hall 4 #36821.


“The addition of new products to the Active Security and Home Security Lines is an ongoing focus to provide a total security solution,” said David Shomaker, OEM Liaison/Sr. Product Manager for Doberman Security Products. “Doberman Security Products has developed these products to be versatile, lightweight, modern in design, and to offer expanded protection,” added Shomaker.


The very slim Credit Card Reminder is a small electronic that has a slot a credit card slides into and fits into a wallet, purse or pocket. One the credit card has been removed, the Reminder beeps and blinks to set the device as an alert to retrieve the credit card.


The Water Detector Alarm was developed for the basement or any area of the home that is subject to extreme moisture or humidity. It contains a moisture sensor and has an LED light and alarm that will go off if flooding occurs or there is too much humidity in the protected area.


If you travel for either business or pleasure, security is constantly on your mind. Take Doberman with you and put your mind at ease. Doberman’s new Traveler Defense Alarm acts as a door alarm but is compact and easily mountable for the hotel room door. Perfect for families and/or the business traveler. Let Doberman watch the door while you enjoy your safe trip.


Doberman Security Products’ Active Security Line consists of a variety of products that are as easy to wear as a personal watch, comfortable to carry in a pocket, or attach to a handbag, luggage, cell phone, PDA or laptop. Flashing lights and loud alarms ward off attackers and thieves and draw attention when in need of assistance. The Credit Card Reminder was developed to assist in retrieving and remembering a very important asset – the credit card – which in the rush of daily life is often forgotten and left behind at a counter.


The Home Security Line from Doberman Security Products assists in home protection while at home or away. Featuring slim, unique designs, Doberman products protect entryways – windows and doors – and emit a loud alarm when triggered. With the addition of the Water Detector Alarm, home owners can now be alerted when water or extreme moisture is detected in the basement or area that is subjected to moisture or extreme humidity.


Currently, Doberman Security Products are available at leading retail locations across the country,, Cyberguys and Herrington catalogs, and their corresponding websites.


About Doberman Security Products Inc.


Established in 2001 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA Doberman has focused solely on providing products to the security market. The team of security professionals, engineers, and researchers from Doberman spent three years to develop, test, and approve personal and home security devices that would be worthy of the Doberman name.


Each product was not only chosen for its dependability, usability, and durability, but also for its effectiveness in addressing the specific security needs of home and daily life. For more information please visit: or email sales@ or call 714.730.9988.




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